“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Goes to the Extreme in First Season 3 Promo (Video)


crazy ex girlfriend promo The CW

Looks like Rebecca Bunch will be doing her best to live up to the title of in Season 3 of the CW musical comedy.

In the first promo for the new season, Rebecca (Rachel Bloom( brings out the crazy, full stop, wearing a white robe and a beanie that still says “Bride” on it as she goes shopping for what we can only assume are supplies to plot Josh Chan’s (Vincent Rodriguez III) demise.

You can hardly blame her, though, since we left off Season 2 with Rebecca preparing to walk down the aisle to marry Josh – after uprooting her life in New York and follow him to West Covina, California – only to have him back out at the last second.

In the new promo, Rebecca also stomps all over a soft pretzel, a harmless snack food that has come to represent the town and the new life she committed herself to throughout the seasons.

In addition to Rebecca who’s fully committed to being a crazy ex-girlfiend, the new season will also feature new opening credits, courtesy of music video veteran Joseph Kahn — who is also helming the fourth episode of the season.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns Friday, October 13 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Watch the new promo below.

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