Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Review: “I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!”


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is far from predictable. Every week is full of randomness. The thing is that most (normal) girls would be afraid to do and say some of the things Rebecca does. Though it would probably be best to be cool and play it safe. Rebecca dares to be different and pushes the envelope.

Surprisingly, it has worked in her favor. For instance, shoving chicken down your sink to the point you call your love interest and play the damsel in distress implying you have an emergency as a ploy to have him come to your rescue. Again, most girls wouldn’t do that and most guys would at that point ride you off as crazy and that would be the end of that. Which means we would no longer see any of Josh, which is fine. But we’d miss seeing Rebecca squirm and find herself in interesting predicaments.

It’s one thing to dismiss a rude remark or facial expression to avoid an awkward conversation and confrontation, but I can’t help but want to jump into the TV screen and punch both Josh Chan and White Josh. You are who you surround yourself with, and these guys are total douches. Enough with the eye rolls and rude remarks, broskis. Rebecca is blinded by what she believes true love is. She has become so obsessed, infatuated and determined to get Josh.

“Becks” as Josh likes to call Rebecca learns Valencia is out of town for…..who cares! Josh, AGAIN says he feels it wouldn’t be ideal for them to spend time together for Valencia’s sake and explains that is why he brought White Josh, in case she were to find out. Oh please, is Josh a little boy afraid of his mommy finding out he’s hanging out with someone she doesn’t like? Boo hoo. You’re a grown ass man. If you don’t like something, deal with it. If you can’t deal with it, break up. Unfortunately, this is probably one of the most normal situations in this show.

Bummed out about his quick exit, Rebecca takes the day off. She gives her boss, Whitefeather the old, my ovaries are eeking out of her fallopian tubes code for I have my period but using scientific terms and descriptions to try and get out of something excuse. If you haven’t figure out (most) women using their menstrual cycle to get out of things, consider this a lesson learned. It is ‘Weekend Tuesday’ at the office afterall, which more employers need to imply by the way.

Paula visits Rebbeca after learning her uterus was nearly on the verge of exploding, an exaggeration women believe to be true month after month. Paula suggests throwing a party, but a very hesitant Rebecca talks through her flashbacks of fears of having a party as a young girl. Her father walked out, only three friends showed up and she didn’t get to see Room Temperature, her favorite boy band’s concert on PayPer View. Rebecca explains it’s the root of all her party fears. Paula pushes the idea that throwing a party is the perfect loophole to avoid pissing people off, specifically girlfriends, and a way to see your crush. Duh!

Still a fearful Rebebba, Paula debuts her solo song and sings to her and explains all she needs to do is face her fears and stand her ground. A song that very much resembles Whitney Houston’s “The Children Are Our Future” mixed with Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone”. We forget Paula is a mom, which makes sense for her to sing a very moving and inspirational song for one to chase their dreams.

Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears

Anyway, double trouble as I like to refer to Paula and Rebecca capitalize on the opportunity Valencia is out of town and decide they’re throwing a housewarming party!


House in on fire!

If this show still isn’t making sense to you and not sure how to follow along because it’s awkward, weird, yet entertaining. You’re right, it doesn’t make sense, but just play along. Follow the story and laugh along. Things start to get happy as a now very uplifted and encouraged little and grown up Rebecca sing a very Mickey Mouse Club like song about having friends. Not going to lie, genius. Super cheesy, super cute and stupid, very catchy and incredibly funny. In fact, I’m singing “I Have Friends” right now and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I Have Friends

I Have Friends

This episode has transitioned similar to a combination of Pitch Perfect and 13 Going on 30. This is good. A party is happening, which means good times await. Rebeca begins to distribute party invites in the form of flyers. Such a 90’s thing. You would think a 30 something woman who is a smart and successful lawyer would create an e-vite or website page right? A flyer party…kind of a recipe for disaster. Once word gets on the street, the place will be swarmed with a bunch of random strangers, the cops showing up, classic teens throwing a party when parents are out of town scene, except you don’t live with your parents because you’re an adult.

Well….not so much. All the weirdos Rebecca has met and encountered upon moving to West Covina show up. Embarrassed of the turnout and fearful of her childhood party reoccurring, Rebecca considers cancelling her party before Josh arrives. A very late Paula arrives and promises to bring people off the street and fill up the place. Ding dong, Josh arrives, too late. Much to Rebecca’s surprise and honesty, Josh is totally cool with the scene and encourages her to make the most of it and even helps with the guest list as he posts a group selfie captioning “this house is on fire”. I mean it is a house warming, the house really isn’t on fire guys, come on.

Happy Day

Happy Day

Party is a success, everyone is happy. Whitefeather who’s rambling 100 words a minute even met a nice woman who let him talk about his divorce, although she has some messed up teeth, but she’s probably English and finds out he smoked Meth not menthol cigarettes. Wow, that was a mouthful. Greg shows up and comments on how great the party is. Rebecca with a twinkle in her eye says she couldn’t do it without the help of….Josh. Really?

That twinkle in her eye becomes a daydream fantasy of a boyband made up of four Josh’s who are also a team of licensed mental health professionals singing and dancing about how Rebecca can kiss all her childhood dramas behind. I wish I was making this up. I couldn’t even if I tried. Words cannot describe how fantastic this was. You’d have to see it to understand and feel the same.

All is well, what could go wrong? How about a text from Valencia asking Josh where he is. Total buzz kill. Party might as well be over, Josh is leaving but a drunk Greg is still hanging around. But since Josh and Rebecca are just friends, they should just hang out whenever they want, at least that’s what he says. We see the first affectionate exchange between the two, but that leaves us wondering when the next encounter will be. But I’m sure we can rely on Rebecca on planning that next run in.


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