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Tweetable Takeaway: Rebecca loves going to camp to get her heart broken…again, on this week’s #CrazyExGirlfriend. 

Alright, where is this boba/smoothie bar in West Covina? Always leaves me wanting a smoothie.

On a slightly important note, Paula’s back…and I like it! She was adulting too much, responsibility and sensibility doesn’t really suit her. Instigating and pushing psychotic ideas into Rebecca’s head is more like it, take for instance, her suggestion for Rebecca to sneak into Josh apartment while Valencia’s away and hide naked in his bed. Yeahhh, I’m pretty sure that also happened to Chris Brown but he wasn’t a fan of the situation.

Josh picks up smoothies and candy and shares he is volunteering at a day camp for underprivileged teens. Of course it only leaves Rebecca wanting to see if she can rekindle her past camp romance Josh and darts off to talk to the camp director.

Meanwhile, box water straw drinking Valencia puts Josh down for wanting and choosing to spend his time volunteering rather than working. She strongly implies time is money, which is no surprise that being the object of her affection.

But you know what else is money Valencia? That stupid overpriced water you drink out of a box! Get a Brita and fill up your own damn bottle, go green!

I said I was going to let go of Greg and Rebecca’s “relationship” but said nothing about Greg and Heather’s. Whoa. It’s one thing for them to be dating, cute. But to see them in bed, ugh. Don’t like it! They just don’t fit, anyone else agree?

She’s clearly digging Greg (who wouldn’t) and as much as I’d like to take his side, he’s being just as big a jerk as Josh. Heather shares she’s really into him and not dating other guys, so naturally he freaks out and pulls away, stating he needs some space. Real classy.

On the flip side, it’s nice to see Greg talk to other guy friends aside from Josh for an opinion or anything else for that matter. The show is starting to introduce and slowly integrate other characters. Though the characters are complete duds, they serve a purpose. Laughter!

Take for instance, Hector drinking beer out of a straw. Come on, what’s up with characters drinking the weirdest beverages out of straws? Straws are for shakes, smoothies, and sodas. I’m going to have to start fining people for stupidly drinking out of straws. The bros do make some sense and they tell Greg he’s a commitment phobe.

Have I mentioned how much I’m digging characters being included more and relationships expanding outside of their comfort zones? White Feather (Daryl) is now stopping by the bar where Greg works and is brochachos with White Josh and Hector. All thanks to Rebecca for introducing them on the beach trip. Well, except Hector who overslept.

Paula drops and checks off Rebecca at camp. She’s cleared with having all the right essentials, except a love letter she’s kept since her last visit at camp with Josh. Debating whether to give it to him or not, Paula advises it is best to use her words, because she is a grown woman after all. She adds a little help from Bonnie and Clyde (her boobs) couldn’t hurt either. Eager to get adjusted (not her boobs), Rebecca skips along like a young teen toward Josh who is received well by him, but not the teen campers.

So about Darryl hanging out with the guys. He’s invited them over for a Pay Per View fight and plays host while his daughter is away for the weekend. Darryl, Whitefeather, add another name to the list, King of the Spread! Holy cow this dance mix was genius! White Feather busts out a techno/electronica dance that’s so awkwardly funny and like he’s trying a bit too hard. A quasi combo resembling that of Mortal Combat and La Bouche (yes, totally out dating myself) titled, “Having a Few People Over” aka HAFPO. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing this as #HAFPO, I’ll be guilty of doing so.  Whoever is in charge of music numbers for the show truly showcases their ability to think creatively. They’re not “safe” or generic when it comes to trying new things whether it be a concept, lyrics, or music genre. It keeps things interesting and have yet to experience a dull moment. There’s always an element of surprise which keeps things incredibly interesting. We never know what to expect, not predictable which I love and appreciate.

Darryl feeling the need to please the guys to keep them from leaving the party hires women from an escort service, Sofisti8ed. He essentially casts his party guests.

Feeling starved for attention, Rebecca thinks of a plan to entice Josh to spend time with her and challenges him to an LPP (Likes Per Post) challenge and asks him to meet her at Blowie Point at sunset. If your mind is in the gutter, you’re right, but we’re keeping this PG-13, so none of that.

Despite Paula’s advice, Rebecca sings her letter to Josh and he laughs. Buzzkill. Emotionally distraught, she leaves and preps her speech for the campers, the show must go on. The girls mock and ridicule Rebecca causing her to break out into tears and cries out, “why doesn’t he love me?”. The girls claim her as being a “thirsty bitch”. Love how the show incorporates modern and slang language.

The girls begin to soften a bit, attempt to cheer her up and give her a makeover and sing “Put Yourself First,” a cute, empowering song for women. What was interesting, was that it was the first musical number without any cast members. It also looked like it was a bad Pussy Cat Dolls remake video of some sort.

Josh finds Rebecca’s letter, they have a heart to heart, Rebecca believes in him, has never wanted to change him, blah blah blah, he wants to keep the letter. Hmmm, recipe for disaster! I’m calling dibs on Valencia finding it.

Daryl and White Josh also have a heart to heart. White Josh offers to help clean up while Darryl opens up about why he wanted to throw a party, sharing he feels lonely when his daughter is away and really wants friends. Cool, some bromancing…or romance amongst bros? White Josh kisses Darryl on his way out and throws in a little wink! It’s fantastic, no one saw that coming from the meat head workout Ken. Would love to see how this progresses. Is White Josh really gay or is he just comfortable showing a little brotherly love?

As Rebecca and Paula discuss the weekend at camp, Darryl overhears and is intrigued by the true meaning of what a kiss on the cheek means. It’s everything!


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