Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Review: “Josh Just Happens to Live Here!”


Airtime: Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW

Tweetable Takeaway: Love makes you do crazy things…

There are ex-girlfriends, and there are Crazy Ex-Girlfriends. It’s significantly profound. What constitutes a exactly? You’d have to first start with what is crazy? For the most part, life experiences and relationships that involve unnecessary drama are considered crazy. Throw in love into the equation and forget it, you’re in for a treat.

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘ love makes you do crazy things,’ so of course it’s no surprise the first couple of minutes of the show opens with Rebecca not only leaving New York to move three thousand miles across country, but also walk out on a promotion where she’s offered Junior Associate.  Totally normal. Did I mention she’s moving because she ran into her summer fling from summer camp from when she was 16?

Josh Chan left quite an impression on Rebecca’s heart, an impression so big it has led her on a quest to leave everything behind to find him….and hang out.


Through flashbacks and random moments where Rebecca breaks into song, we learn Rebecca has never gotten over Josh. She is reminded of this every time she watches the biscuit commercial and comes in contact with a biscuit advertisement that asks,’When was the last time you were truly happy?’. She can’t help shake off distant memories of summer camp and Josh. Though she may remember things differently than what may have occurred, like when Josh called her weird and said they were “different”. It doesn’t change the fact that she had a summer fling she hasn’t been able to shake off since she was 16.

All the signs point to Josh…literally. She follows the sign and runs into Josh.  A much more mature, well established, successful and beautiful Rebecca musters the courage to approach Josh. They briefly catch up, Rebecca steps out of her comfort zone and asks Josh to hang out only to discover he’s leaving New York and moving back home. He’s going going, back back to Cali Cali. West Covina, California that is! Talk about timing, womp womp.

The logical thing to do is move on and move forward, it wasn’t meant to be. Nope, not for Rebecca, she can’t help but follow her heart and move to West Covina. This girl is on a mission and there’s no stopping her. California is where dreams are made, or as Rebecca states, “where dreams live”. I mean, the beach in only 2 hours away, who wouldn’t move? But before doing so, time to sing on a giant pretzel and lead a flash mob of dancers parading and celebrating how great West Covina is. California looks promising.


Rebecca lands a at a local firm with a boss that’s less from ordinary, and co-workers that are rather interesting and can’t seem to figure out why she would leave New York to come to West Covina. One of those co-workers, Paula whose quite intrigued by Rebecca and doesn’t buy her story of not knowing anyone knows something is up.

Already moved and settled in and with the first day on the new complete, Rebecca decides to follows Josh’s tracks in hopes of “serendipitously” running into him. She receives a text alerting her Josh has checked in to a sports bar, she goes, but only to find out that he just left. Bummer.

On a happier note, she chats it up and befriends Greg, the bartender who so happens to not only know Josh, but is also friends with him. What are the odds. This is probably the best thing that has happened to Rebecca since running into Josh. Greg invites Rebecca to a party informing her Josh will be there, perfect.

When a girl knows her crush is going to be a party or at the same place she’s going, you know there’s going to be hours upon hours of pampering. Nails done, hair done, everything did. No Drake song here, but close enough. The “Sexy Getting Ready Song” is where we see Rebecca, well, getting ready. Duh.


Unfortunately, all the hours and singing spent getting dressed up to the nines was a waste. Or was it? Greg had a good time, sort of, he was sucking face with Rebecca. Unfortunately, she was looking and continuously asking about Josh. Don’t think this will be the last time we see Rebecca and Greg locking lips however.

Someone had to break the bad news to Rebecca-Greg receives a text from Josh. He explains that Josh couldn’t make it to party because his girlfriend, yes, girlfriend had a family commitment she dragged him to. That’s annoying.

Rebecca’s in absolute disbelief, how could this be? Why did he compliment me? Why did he welcome the idea of catching up? Why does his Facebook relationship status say he’s single? Why, why, why. Oh the plethora of questions girls like Rebecca ask themselves on the daily. It’s confusing and an unsolved mystery.

Anyway, back to the party. Greg stops the lip locking action because it’s wrong to hook up with a girl who’s crying, despite his needs. It’s been a long time Greg, we get it. Emotionally unstable and heartbroken, Rebecca gets up, wiping her tears and darts out.

Parties are fun! But what’s a complete party without a crasher?! Apparently Paula isn’t just a paralegal, but also a private investigator. Remember Paula, totally sketchy co-worker who is skeptical of Rebecca’s agenda and intentions? Paula crashes the party looking to confront Rebecca after snooping through her computer and discovering Rebecca has an ulterior motive for coming to West Covina.


Dra-ma! It’s not as bad as you think, Rebecca explains everything only to realize what she has done is completely crazy. She begins to spiral only to have Paula, her new bff comfort her. (Yep, this is happening. I foresee a duet later on in the season, just putting it out there.) Paula vows to help Rebecca do whatever it takes to wins Josh’s love. The two new best friends embracing one another are interrupted by a text alert. Guess who? Josh texts Rebecca asking if she wants to have dinner!

Dinner as friends? Is this a date? More questions for Rebecca to dissect and break into song about. Could this be the beginning of a real chance of love? No, not the I Love New York spin off. Rebecca did however feature a rapper in her “Sexy Getting Ready Song” and just so happens to be from New York, so really, anything is possible.


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