Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Review: “Josh’s Girlfriend is Really Cool!”


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Rebecca continues to obsess over why Josh asked her to have dinner yet hasn’t made plans, so what gives? The new object of her obsession changes over night, literally.

Let’s get one thing straight, Rebecca did not move to West Covina to follow Josh, or so she says. The opening theme song is very cute and odd at the same time. There’s now animation? Interesting.

Where is this going? She’s the , we get it. If every episode is going to explore Rebecca obsessing and plotting to run into Josh, then that’s going to eventually wear out. Are the “accidental” run in awkward and funny, yes, but there’s only so much of it that you can continue to watch. More storyline and background please.

I’m still unsure how Rebecca considers herself a former girlfriend of Josh’s, it was only a teenage summer fling at camp. Don’t think he’s ever really yet stated they established a relationship, nothing more than physical that is.

If you so happen to run into someone and follow their every move time after time again, eventually the other person is going to catch on. For someone trying to play cool and not seem crazy and obsessive, Rebecca is doing a great thus far. Having a new best friend who also serves as an accomplice is helpful too. Kind of down plays how ridiculous this whole thing is. Perhaps that’s what makes the show pretty funny. I mean you have a couple of interesting 30 something’s going to a nightclub, come on!

After a failed attempt to getting into Spider’s (yes, it’s possessive-the title that is, not the spider itself) Rebecca opts going home despite Paula wanting have a girls night out. Rebecca goes home, sulks a bit and goes to the grocery store, looking like “a homeless” only to see Josh….and his girlfriend. At this point, I’m almost certain MOST girls would run in the opposite direction and avoid any type of run in. I mean, looking like a hot mess in front of your Prince Charming and his gal, eh, no thanks. But let’s keep in mind Rebecca doesn’t fit into the category most girls fall in. She’s crazy, remember? She stares, lingers and is caught staring by the very outspoken, quirky store clerk as they both watch the couple making out. The store clerk asks if she’s okay. She explains it’s no big deal, she’s just watching her ex-boyfriend make out with the hottest girl she’s ever seen. But again, it’s okay, they’re just old friends.

Not only are Josh and his girlfriend at the grocery store, so is Greg and his friends. Last Friday Rebecca was making out with Greg, which he reminds her of, now the party is at the grocery store! Now that’s what 30 something’s really do on a Friday night. Rebecca makes eye contact with Josh who dodges her and attempts to avoid her, really shady by the way. Not the sweet, cute Josh we imagined, not to mention his poor taste in women. Greg follows Rebecca and sees Josh. Valencia, Josh’s girlfriend asks why Greg is talking to “a homeless” referring to Rebecca. Did she just really say that?


Just because she’s not wearing a bra and a random El Salvador shift, a granny sweater, and no make-up does not make her homeless. With a comment like that you kind of expect a cat fight of some sort. Why is such a nice guy like Josh dating a mean girl? That’s probably because Josh isn’t as nice as we imagined. He lies to Greg and Valencia that he and Rebecca met when they were eight. He implies to Rebecca to go along with it. Not cool. What’s the big deal. Rebecca is too nice and absolutely out of her comfort zone and I’m sure crapping her pants at this point. The truth is going to come out, the truth is going to come out is what must be going through her mind at this point. Rebecca’s caught in the middle and doesn’t really have anywhere to turn, so instead of excusing herself and leaving like a normal person would do, she begins to deflect questions involving her and Josh and focuses on Valencia.

Insistently repeating how pretty she is and how much of an amazing body she has, she’s ranting and raving. Valencia explains she teaches yoga and Rebecca lies yet again and says she loves yoga and will go to one of her classes. Soooo freakin’ weird! Who does that?!

The manner in which Rebecca’s character reacts and delivers her mannerisms is absolutely hilarious. You almost start to feel bad for her but want to see how far it goes because it’s so painfully wonderful to watch all at the same time. What’s even more awkward about this encounter is that Rebecca begins to express interest in Josh’s girlfriend, Valencia. Like too much interest you’d find yourself asking as questionable.

Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

If Rebecca says she’s going to do something, she going to do it. Like attend Valencia’s yoga class, which leads into the first musical sequence of the episode. A take on a Bollywood meets Alanis Morisette, I don’t even know, something weird and out of the ordinary. I have to say, probably my favorite music number in the series thus far. My first thoughts, where is this going? You just have to embrace it and take the show for what it is. The lyrics are simple and stupid, but very catchy. I have a feeling it’s going to continue to get weirder and surprise us with their mash-up-esque musical numbers. There’s a lot of creativity here. Good take on Bollywood, great colors, costumes and ridiculous choreography.

Paula was last weeks’ bff. Rebecca has essentially neglected and forgotten about Paula because she’s become so enamored and obsessed with Valencia, her new bff. Over a girls night in and a few glasses of wine, Rebecca who is practically drooling and going googly eyes over Valencia rejoice in their new established friendship followed by, “what other agenda could I possibly have”? Looks like someone’s developing a bit of a girl crush too.

Feelin' Kinda Naughty

Feelin’ Kinda Naughty

Greg isn’t buying any of it, he’s on to Rebecca, and well yeah, in to her too, but that’s beside the point. Store clerk guy runs into Rebecca at Spider’s and asks how she is handling ­­­­­­­­­the whole ex-boyfriend thing. Greg overhears and begins to puzzle things together as Rebecca pleads him not to say anything.

After a few too many shots, Rebecca’s alter ego comes out, as so does her girl crush for Valencia as she begins to grind on her and is “Feelin’ Kinda Naughty”. I was a bit taken back by this number for a few reasons, first being the lyrics. Hilarious, creepy and probably what Rebecca really was thinking. Second, I can’t help but compare the musical numbers, this one in particular reminded me of Katy Perry’s, “I Kissed a Girl”. Not only was Rebecca ­­­feelin’ kind of naughty, but was also bold and brave as she kissed a girl, and liked it. Valencia on the other hand did not. A tipsy and regretful Rebecca tries to explain that it’s a circle of love and well, her explanations delivery isn’t quite smooth and accidentally reveals her past with Josh. Friendship over.

A friendship that isn’t over, Rebecca and Greg. That needs to develop into something more.

Back at the office, Rebecca apologizes to Paula, calling her a true friend and reconcile.

Josh visits Rebecca at work and asks her to dinner. It’s not only tell Rebecca it’s the last time they’ll probably see each other, you can do that over a text or just cut ties. Really dude? What’s your agenda?

Apparently Josh likes crazy, I think that’s a pretty accurate assumption. If he doesn’t like crazy, he sure seems to attract it.


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