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Tweetable Takeaway: A textmergency is when a textastrophe occurs…on @CW_CrazyXGF.

As technology continues to advance faster than we can understand, I think it’s safe to say that smart phones sometimes really aren’t smart, in fact they’re stupid. Well, at least it makes us look stupid. Or do we unintentionally make ourselves more stupid. Well, either way, stupid is stupid.  We no longer remember people’s telephone numbers by heart, do our own simple math or any simple mathematical calculation for that matter. So in essence, if a text is auto corrected we blame the phone, not our own laziness to double check what the message actually says or who it is being sent to. Look, I’m just as guilty as some of you hate to admit of sending a text to the wrong recipient. Ooops! That’s life, it happens. What’s crazy is when that text is twisted around as something else and puts you in an uncomfortable predicament. This of course would only happen to Rebecca though, naturally.

As CRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND clearly indicates in its title, “that text was not meant for Josh”, Rebecca has a problem and the anticipation of what would follow only grows from there. Will more truths continue to unravel? One could only hope!

Rebecca sporting a good coffee buzz awkwardly and psychotically laughs a bit too much when Josh approaches her. All giddy and a bit nervous, Rebecca utters an “I love you” quickly throwing in…”your personality” to save face. So you said you had a good time and and can’t stop thinking about camp? Cool Josh, now what? Grow up, sh** or get off the pot. Sure, easier said than done, but I think I’ve determined that not even Josh knows what he wants for himself. It’s pathetic.

Every week it appears that Valencia has a new nickname, this week by far has to be my favorite, Velveta. Gotta give it to Paula for her immature creativity. Something else that’s creative is the show slowly adding musical numbers by random characters that support the story. This week we’re introduced to the new coined term for when a text is accidentally sent to wrong person, a textastrophe! With the help of the coolest band from the 80s that we never heard of, we’re made aware it’s a new slang term on Urban Dictionary (it’s there, I checked).

So if you hadn’t already guessed, our lovely Rebecca Bunch does it again, she has a textmergency and sends a text intended for Paula to you guessed it, Josh Chan! In an effort to avoid Josh from seeing it, she finds it is best to enter and break into his apartment and delete the text, no big deal.

Musical numbers from random character appearances such as this week seem to add a bit more spunk to the show. It’s humorous and unexpected. The band rocks out narrating and talking her through the motions of unlocking the passcode, to deleting and escpaing, it had a very MacGyver feel to it.

Too easy to just go in and have a mission accomplished, Josh opens the door as Rebecca was about to walk out. Busted! How does one recover? Quickly….think of something believable….uhhh the door was unlocked. Yes, genius! I was honestly feeling the heat, freaking out just as much as Rebecca was.

Wondering why she’s at his apartment to begin with, Rebecca lies about her place being broken into. Josh comforts a startled Rebecca and adds saying she looks like a tiny scared little bird. I will say, as stupid as that sounds, it’s also really cute.

Another show crisis is Paula’s marriage. After seeking counsel from Father Brah, Paula and her husband Scott make an effort to rekindle their romance. Who would’ve thought mischief and vandalism is what their relationship was lacking. Paula allows Scott to join her as his accomplice under the condition that no questions are asked. Making it appear as if Rebecca’s apartment really was broken in to, Scott throws one of Rebecca’s decorative rocks through the sliding door. The scene of the crime looks believable, except one thing. Josh did something smart for once and called the cops. After rambling on about forms Rebecca manages to dissuade the officer and he leaves. Alone at last! Rebecca jumps on the opportunity, offers Josh wine and dinner a ploy for a non date.

Back at home, Paula and Scott discuss what they just did as a happy wife explains Rebecca’s love life in detail. Their dialogue however is to the shows song lyrics,  pretty clever and hilarious. The pair oddly bond over Rebecca’s love novella. The writing continues to thrive, it is very smart and includes a lot of banter, which I’m a fan of. If you miss a joke, quit trying to figure it out, you’ll hear another one shortly after.

Am I a horrible person for thinking Josh really is dumb as a rock and potentially believed Rebecca’s alibi? I did. He’s not sure what to believe, but also can’t piece together the obvious, so yeah, he’s still pretty dumb. In his defense, I will say though he may not get the whole picture, he knows somethings wrong and has been played and leaves very upset.

Fearful that she’s ruined everything, Rebecca sings a self indulging, self loathing, ballad.
“You ruined everything…you stupid bitch,” deprecating and devaluing herself. She made a big mistake (again), she gets it. The crazy ex girlfriend in her got the best of Rebecca. But after last weeks women empowering song, I was pretty disappointed to hear she considers herself fat and her mention of feeling she should lose weight. I was digging the song but once she started to take digs at her own appearrance, I loss interest. Come on now. Why’d you have to go there? I know this is supposed to be funny but I can really see some women having a moment of reflection, and some even oddly identifying themselves to Rebecca….and also feeling and/or thinking they’re fat. Not cool it, it’s a sensitive issue for many women. Rebbeca’s not a skinny minny, but she’s got some amazing curves and is very VERY well endowed. So much in fact, I must admit, I’m constantly distracted. So let’s just focus on the crazy and can the whole fat bitch thing, seriously.

When Rebecca screws up, there are only two people who are there for her, if it’s not Paula, it’s Greg. Just when things seem like they’re starting to looking up for Greg and Rebecca, (which is confusing by the way) Greg sees Josh’s name on the dinner bag and picks up on there being some sort of involvement and why Rebecca is upset. Not wanting to hear or deal with any of it, Greg leaves.

Rebecca claims to have ruined everything, Paula insists she’s a ‘put togetherer’ as she took part in rebuilding her marriage.  Per usual, Mama bear Paula reassures her everything will be alright.


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