Damian Lewis Playing Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in “Run This Town”


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Considering what a big movie city Toronto has become thanks to its annual film festival, you would think that the city’s controversial former mayor Rob Ford would have been the perfect fodder for a biopic.

Sure enough, Ford’s downfall is now being documented in a film called with Homeland star  playing Ford and Ben Platt, Nina Dobrev and Mena Massoud co-starring. Scott Speedman and Jennifer Ehle also appear in the film, which is currently filming in Toronto. The film is written and directed by actor/ Ricky Tollman directing his first feature.

Lewis is being fit with a special prosthetic to play the obese former mayor, who died in 2016 at the age of 46 from cancer. This could be a great film role for Lewis if he can pull off the complicated politican, even if few outside Canada (or maybe even Toronto) will know if he does a good portraying Ford or not.

Although the details aren’t being revealed in terms of what aspects of Ford’s life and career will be covered, Ben Platt will play a reporter who is trying to uncover a scandal involving Ford with Dobrev and Mena Massoud playing Ford’s aides who are trying to kill that story. The story is rumored to take place during the last year of Ford’s mayoral term, which lasted from 2010 to 2014.

Ford’s political career was plagued with controversy from substance abuse and public intoxication to accusations of sexual assault. Ford’s problems culminated when a video was released that showed him smoking crack, yet he remained in the public eye as a politician.

Lewis is repped by , and .

Some of the info in this story came from The Hollywood Reporter.

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