Damon Lindelof Developing “Watchmen” TV Series for HBO


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Riding high from the success of The Leftovers, is teaming with HBO to develop an adaptation of the popular Alan Moore graphic novel for the small screen. Reports note that the project is still in early stages and there is not an official deal in place.

HBO first revealed it was working on a television adaptation of the comic book, which was created by Moore, artist Dave Gibbons, and colorist John Higgins and initially published in 1986, in 2015. At the time, Zack Snyder, who directed the 2009 film adaptation of the book, was briefly attached to the project. The film, starring Jackie Earle Haley, Patrick Wilson, Billy Crudup, Malin Ackerman, Matthew Goode, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan and which made a meager $185 million worldwide, was and continues to be divisive among fans.

The graphic novel depicts an alternate universe where the presence of superheroes affected the course of history, leading to a US victory in Vietnam and the Watergate scandal never coming to light. However, by the time the story starts, superheroes have been outlawed and the death of a government-sponsored masked vigilante pulls them out of their retirement as they investigate the murder and further corruption.

Lindelof has spoken openly about his admiration for the graphic novel and how it has influenced his own work. This project would further his relationship with the cable network, following the series finale of his show The Leftovers. His past television credits also include LOST and the Once Upon a Time spinoff, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. He’s repped by .

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