Dave Bautista Will Play Jane Levy’s Guardian In “Bushwick”


Downsizing a bit from the whole galaxy, will be protecting Jane Levy in , the action-thriller set in Brooklyn.  and are directing this script that and Graham Reznik adapted from an original story by the directors. Nate Bolotin and Adam Folk are producing for and , respectively, and expect shooting to start in New York before the end of the year. WME and XYZ are handling the sale of the film this week at TIFF.

When Texas threatens to secede, angry militias hold New York hostage as a bargaining tool to gain the state’s independence. Bautista, who brought the Marvel character of Drax to life in The Guardians of the Galaxy, will be playing a veteran named Stupe who helps Levy’s character, Lucy, cross five blocks of treacherous terrain in Bushwick during the invasion of the seceding Texan militias.

Bautista has been racking up the action roles recently, having just yesterday announced that he was joining Bruce Willis in Marauders, and can be seen next in Luc Besson’s Warrior’s Gate and the new Bond film, Spectre.

He is repped by Gersh and


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This news was first reported by Deadline.


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