David Goyer Producing Max Landis’ Latest Script “Deeper”


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has just picked up buzzy scribe ’ latest , the psychological drama . Goyer will produce under his banner, along with . Sources report that Phantom and Addictive beat out others clamoring for the project, as Landis has quickly established himself as a hot, up-and-coming talent.

Landis is also producing Deeper, which is said to follow a disgraced astronaut who enlists on a mission to reach the bottom of a recently discovered oceanic trench, thought to be the lowest point on the planet. Whilst down there, he becomes subject to an increasing amount of danger and is reluctantly pulled into a psychological and physical battle with unexpected forces.

will also produce for Phantom, while and produce for Addictive. Phantom is next producing Focus Features’ horror pic The Forest and Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman at New Line, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring and helming. Goyer is next directing Lionsgate’s action/thriller The Breach and executive produced/scripted Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Landis burst onto the scene after scripting the critically lauded found footage superhero pic Chronicle, which launched both his and that of director Josh Trank. Since then, he penned the Jesse Eisenberg/Kristen Stewart-led action/comedy American Ultra and Fox’s action/thriller Victor Frankenstein, which stars Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy. Victor Frankenstein hits theaters on November 25th.

Landis is repped by and . Goyer is also repped by .


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  1. This would be a good movie for Josh Trank to direct he could redeem himself and get rid of the failure from Fantastic Four. He’s talented Chronicle proved that but he was in over his head on F-4 it was too big for him. This is more his style and budget. He deserves another chance especially with a script by Max it would work.

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