“Deadpool” Director Tim Miller, Brian Michael Bendis Team for Mystery X-Men Movie “143”


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Deadpool director and comic book writer are teaming for a mystery movie for 20th Century Fox set within the X-Men universe. This movie has the equally mysterious working title that is merely the number . Bendis will write the screenplay for Miller to direct.

XMen143Fox isn’t saying what that number represents or refers to, but long-time X-Men readers will realize that Uncanny X-Men # was the one-shot issue in which Kitty Pryde, a young mutant who has just joined Xavier’s school, finds herself alone in the mansion with a N’garai demon. It was a story clearly inspired by Ridley Scott’s Alien, and it was also John Byrne’s last issue of his run on a series that he helped turned into Marvel’s biggest book. Kitty Pryde was a favorite character of Byrne’s. She has also been a favorite of Bendis’, as he has put Kitty in a number of his books including his Guardians of the Galaxy.

Kitty Pryde has already appeared in a number of the X-Men movies, most notably as played by Ellen Page in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past, but she also made small cameos in Bryan Singer’s earlier films, played by Sumela Kay and Katie Stuart.

What’s especially strange about this news is that recently finished his long-running tenure as a Marvel-exclusive writer and will begin his run on DC Comics’ Superman in a few short months. During his time at Marvel, Bendis created the Miles Morales Spider-Man as part of his run on Ultimate Spider-Man and wrote almost every character for the comic book giant at one point or another.

It’s a little odd that Fox continues to develop X-Men movies with an impending purchase by Disney, the distributor of the movies from Marvel Studios, who currently maintains control of most of the Marvel properties other than the ones owned by Fox. (Marvel and Sony teamed for last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and an upcoming Spider-Man animated feature.)

Repped by and , Miller is getting prepared to make the latest attempt at a Terminator movie for Paramount and Fox with James Cameron being more involved with this one. Miller’s directorial debut Deadpool was an enormous worldwide hit, leading to a sequel that opens this summer. (John Wick‘s David Leitch will be directing that sequel.)

Bendis is repped by .

Bendis’ involvement was initially reported on by Deadline, but Collider got the original scoop on Miller’s mystery project earlier in the year.

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