“Deadpool’s” Tim Miller to Direct Cyberpunk Classic “Neuromancer” for 20th Century Fox


Tim Miller Neuromancer

Just because Deadpool director pulled out of the superhero sequel over creative differences with 20th Century Fox doesn’t mean there’s any ill will between him and the studio, as it has just set him to direct , the Tracking Board has confirmed.

Based on the classic cyberpunk novel by William Gibson, Neuromancer follows Case, a hotshot data-thief whose nervous system is crippled by some former associates he ripped off. No longer able to access cyberspace, he’s given a second chance when he’s approached to work for a mysterious colonel who offers to repair Case if he agrees to handle a secret mission and destroy an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence orbiting Earth. Of course, in order to ensure that Case does his bidding, the colonel implants a slow-acting poison in his brain to keep him in line, and assigns a street samurai named Molly to watch his back.

Oscar-nominated producer (The Martian) will produce the movie, which is currently without a screenwriter. Vincenzo Natali and Joseph Kahn are among the directors who developed the property over the years, to no avail.

Miller is currently developing another Fox project titled Influx (with the aim of launching a trilogy based on the Daniel Suarez novel) while he oversees a writers room for the new Terminator movie, which is expected to start next spring if Paramount and Skydance have their way.

Miller is represented by , and attorney Gregory Slewett, and his hiring on Neuromancer was first reported by Deadline.

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