“Dexter” Star Michael C. Hall to Return to TV with Netflix Thriller “Safe”


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Netflix and Canal+ have given a series order to the thriller with Dexter’s attached to star alongside Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington. The series will air on Canal+ in France and Netflix globally. Any remaining and secondary rights will be handled by Studiocanal.

The project hails from bestselling author Harlan Coben, and sees Hall as a British pediatric surgeon raising two teenage daughters, Jenny and Carrie, alone after the death of his wife. The family is seemingly safe inside a gated community when the elder daughter sneaks out to a party and a murder and a disappearance follow, changing all of their lives.

Studiocanal’s Red is producing the series. They previously produced Happy Valley, which was acquired by Netflix. Coben previously penned the series The Five for Sky.

“The serialized nature of this, and Harlan’s way of storytelling lends itself to streaming. He’s all about the hook of a story,” said Red’s Nicola Shindler. ” After The Five, he wanted to write something about family and how we build walls to keep out the bad people, but what if they’re on the inside? It’s about how far you’d go to protect your family.”

Hall is repped , , and in the UK.
Abbington is repped by .


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