Director X, His Cast Introduce First Teaser for Sony’s “Superfly” Remake (Video)



What might set a land speed record for fastest turnaround from greenlight to release, ’ summer remake of the 1972 classic already has a first teaser trailer, even though it’s not due out for three more months. The film’s leads, Trevor Jackson and Jason Mitchell, were just announced two months ago.

Diretor X (aka Julien Christian Lutz) makes his debut after directing popular videos for Drake and Rihanna, and he  and much of his cast introduce the first teaser by explaining the move of the story from Harlem to Atlanta in the video below.

With a screenplay written by Alex Tse, Jackson from black-ish takes on the role of Youngblood Priest with Mitchell taking on the Carl Lee role of Eddie. They’re joined in the summer release by Michael Kenneth Williams, Lex Scott Davis and Jennifer Morrison.

Superfly will be released by Sony on June 15.

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