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A kitten can be a very murderous thing in this week’s episode of DIRK GENTLY’S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY, “Very Erectus.” Dirk and Todd follow Patrick Spring’s map to seek out the buried enigmas that presumably do something that will get Lydia Spring back. We don’t know yet, but everything is connected, right?

That question is becomes more and more apparent in this episode. By this point, we do in fact know that everything is connected – Bart wants to kill Dirk, the evil body-switching gang wants to kill Dirk, the Rowdy 3 want to feed off of Dirk’s psychic energy, and Dirk wants to solve the case. Which happens to involve the weird body-switching gang and Todd, whose sister Amanda has a rare disease that the Rowdy 3 are helping her deal with, all of whom, like Dirk, are part of the government project that’s lost its funding.


A very sad thing did happen in this episode as well. Zimmerfield, one of the two missing persons detectives investigating Patrick Spring’s death and Lydia Spring’s disappearance, died.  Estevez, his partner, and he uncover the fact that Gordon Rimmer had access to a condemned animal hospital. Following the tip that Todd had given them that he had seen Lydia Spring with Gordon Rimmer, the two detectives go to the supposedly abandoned animal hospital to investigate. They have to do this without a warrant, as their captain doesn’t believe there’s enough reasonable suspicion to obtain a warrant. But they go, and horrifically enough, discover thirty-five dead bodies. As they leave the building, planning to go back to the precinct with this information and officially obtain a warrant, they are ambushed by the body-switching gang. Zimmerfield is shot in the heart with a metal dart – it could be an arrow, but it’s very short. Thankfully, Farah has been staking out this animal hospital as well, and has a sniper rifle, which she uses to provide fire cover for Estevez as he makes his escape. Sad.

A very exciting thing happened in this episode as well. Bart takes a shower! Wowza, didn’t see that one coming, did we? Something unusual is happening, though. When Bart and Ken finally arrive in Seattle, nothing happens. This is unsettling to Bart, as the universe always takes her to her victims, or brings them to her. Ken convinces her to take a breather for a moment, gets them a hotel room and food, and tries to convince Bart that it’s okay to do a little self-maintenance and not always be in kill mode. Bart gets restless quickly, though, and pretty soon Ken’s attempt at normalizing her is gone like the light in her next victim’s eyes.


Also in this episode, Amanda finally meets the Rowdy 3. She notices them outside Todd’s apartment and decides to get in the van with them. They seem nice enough, and they actually like Amanda. They tell her that she’ll never have to worry about her disease again, as they feed off of the psychic energy given off by it. Between this conversation and the one Colonel Scott Riggins is having as he tails them, we learn that the Rowdy 3 are actually vampires, so-to-speak. They don’t feed off of blood, but they feed off of psychic energy, which is why they’ve been following Dirk Gently around (we’ll get to that in a moment). Just like the Colonel tried to confront Dirk before, he tries to confront the Rowdy 3, who have a similar reaction to the Colonel’s request to return with him that Dirk had. Clearly something very scarring happened during this government project that they were all a part of. The Colonel might have been able to reason with them, except the Sergeant escalates the problem by taking Amanda at gunpoint. Little does the Colonel know that later the Sergeant will throw the Colonel under the bus in an attempt to take his .

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The most important thing in this episode, though? Dirk and Todd discover the murder weapon! It’s a kitten! What? So the show’s already established that animals can switch bodies just like humans, and people and animals can give off psychic energy, as we’ve seen with Dirk and Amanda, as well as the Rhino in the weird underground labyrinth. So, Dirk has been bringing along this kitten that he found at the murder site. As Todd and he dig for the enigmas left behind by Patrick Spring, someone shoots at them. Actually, two someones, multiple times. In a panic, Dirk throws the kitten, and the psychic energy of a hammerhead shark emerges and kills the two snipers. Crazy, right? But everything is connected!

This show is so good. I can’t recommend it enough. Every episode is fun. If you haven’t started watching, get to it! It’s great!

A+ Grade

Season 1, Episode 5 (S01E05)
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency airs Saturdays at 9PM on BBC America

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