Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” Wins Friday, but “Black Panther” Should Pull Off a Rare Fourth Week Win


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This past week, most projections for the weekend box office had it being a fairly close race for first place between Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time and Marvel ’ Black Panther (also released by Disney). The fact that both movies are from Disney made it much easier for the company to decide which would be the winner over the weekend based on estimates, and there were some interesting, conflicting “reports” yesterday on which one might win the weekend and how much each might make. With Friday estimates in, it’s much easier to tell that… it’s likely going to be too close a race to call without seeing Saturday numbers.

Regardless, Ava DuVernay’s Wrinkle in Time grossed an estimated $10.2 on Friday, compared to Black Panther‘s $10 million, but that doesn’t give Wrinkle enough of a margin to stay ahead of Marvel’s superhero movie unless it has a much bigger Saturday or Sunday. Those numbers put Black Panther in the $39 million range while Wrinkle should end up in the $35 to 36 million range.

Aviron Pictures’ initial release The Strangers: Prey at Night, a sequel to the 2008 horror film by Bryan Bertino, made an est. $4 million on Friday, and it’s likely to end up in the $10 million range by Sunday.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Sparrow looks to take fourth place with $2.3 grossed Friday, just ahead of New Line’s Game Night in fourth place with $2.2 million. They’ll both end up somewhere between $7 and 8 million in their second and third weekends, respectively.

Bruce Willis’ Death Wish took a fairly large plunge on its second Friday with $1.7 million Friday, which should knock it down to seventh place behind Sony’s Peter Rabbit, which grossed an estimated $1.5 million Friday.

Amazon ’ Gringo and Entertainment ’ The Hurricane Heist both tanked even worse than I expected, making less than a million on Friday with Gringo slightly ahead with $977k to the $950k made by the Rob Cohen-directed Hurricane Heist. Both films should end up in the $2.5 to 3 million range and will be fighting against stronger returning films (like Jumanji) to break into the top 10 for the weekend.

Check back on Monday for the full weekend box office report.

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