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I am officially in love with Frances’ (Sarah Jessica Parker) parents.  They are sweet, warm and hospitable. The Dufresnes go over Frances’ parent’s home for Christmas, and all seems to be alright until Robert (Thomas Haden Church) pressures Frances to tell them about the divorce.  He begins to make a speech in front of their many family members, beating around the bush about people being honest and yada yada.  Frances takes this as a cue to announce in front of everyone that she and he are getting a divorce. Robert leans in and says that he was going to sing a Christmas song, not tell everyone about the divorce. Yeah right, Robert.  Lies.

Robert is a sweetie pie, but he definitely has asshole tendencies, which are exacerbated by being divorced.  He shows how much of a sweetie pie he is by lying to Frances’ parents that they are getting  a divorce because he had an affair.  He really loves his in-laws, and he doesn’t want them to have a less than stellar perspective of their little girl.

I think this is representative of how committed he still is to his marriage and to his soon-to-be ex-wife. I’ve been watching FYI’s “Married at First Sight”, and I’ve learned a few things.  One is that when you commit, you commit.  It just means that you are willing to do everything in your power to stay committed.  Although Robert is the one who initiated the divorce, he is still sticking to his commitment to the very end.  His ultimate goal is not to destroy her or what they’ve built.  It’s to make sure that what they have and built together remains when they are no longer legally bonded.  It is this characteristic that makes me think that he and Frances can work it out, if she wants to.

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Frances’ mother agrees with me.  In fact, she had an affair, and her husband has no idea about it.  This turns Frances’ head because she never would have guessed that her mother would do such a thing. It must also make her realize that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Ha.  Frances’ dad scolds Robert about not being able to keep his “pecker” in his pants, while not knowing that his own wife had a visitor in her pocketbook.  Frances’ mother said something profound.  It was something like, “People not only have affairs because something is wrong with the divorce.  They have them because they are fun.”  #FACTS.  It is very interesting that people assume that affairs happen because one partner lacks something that the other person fulfills.  Being around the same person for many years can get boring. You might want to switch things up a bit, and that could include switching up the partner.  Mom-in-law proves that you aren’t necessarily a bad person if you have an affair.  She had one, and she’s still warm and sweet.  And her husband is in the dark about it.  How many married couples have secrets like this between each other and are happy?  This isn’t a way to justify having an affair.  It’s just a different perspective on what can go on in marriage.

The only one who knows the truth about who cheated on who is Tom (Charlie Kilgore).  Frances’ and Robert’s son.  Because  Robert assumed both of his children’s headphones were plugged in and blaring god-knows-what, he blurts out that Frances cheated on him.  Tom tells them both that he heard what they said.  Yep.  These two are sending their son straight to therapy soon.

Season 1, Episode 6 (S01E06)
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