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Gustav (Olek Krupa) is Frances’ (Sarah Jessica Parker) worst nightmare.  He is Robert’s (Thomas Haden Church) new lawyer, and he is a pill.  He doesn’t take on women clients, which makes him a complete psycho.  So Robert has a psycho lawyer, and Frances is in pure shock because he has a lawyer, period. But keep in mind that Frances herself has a lawyer, the best in the business, in fact, so she shouldn’t be that much in shock.  Her shock comes from the simple fact that she didn’t think Robert would have the gall to get one.  Well, Frances, your husband is a fighter.  

The best part of this episode is that Robert’s first choice lawyer is Elvin from “The Cosby Show.”  I have to admit that I didn’t even recognize him at first until he angled his face to the right.  Then, I was like, Oh my God! That’s Elvin!  By the way, where has he been?  I would have guessed that he would have made it to an Where are They Now? episode…unless I just haven’t seen his.  I digress.

The point I am trying to make is that Robert is not a punk.  He is going to fight Frances as soon as he realizes his full power in divorce.  He already learned that the courts don’t automatically take the side of the wife; he’s learned that mediation is for suckers; and he’s learned that getting a shark lawyer is the best kind of lawyer to get (Robert dumped Elvin).  I wonder what other lessons he will learn.

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The couple that should be doling out lessons is Nick (Tracy Letts) and Diane (Molly Shannon).  Yes, Diane threatened to shoot her husband.  Yes, Nick had a heart attack and was in a coma for a bit because of it. But look at them now.  They are two peas in a pod.  If a heart attack and a gun threat can bring two people together, then surely, Frances and Robert can make it work.  At this point, it just seems like the two are being petty.  Pettiness is a perfectly acceptable thing to be when no children are involved.  But like all good parents, they have to think of the chirren.

Frances and Robert are not perfect, but they can definitely save their marriage.  Having a psycho lawyer like Gustav call Frances at 11:30p at night to threaten her that things are about to go down during this divorce is petty.  I’m not saying that Robert asked  Gustav to do that, but he did hire him.  He knows what kind of guy Gustav is – a low-life with a law degree.  If Robert truly loves his wife, then he will re-hire Elvin.  Elvin is the type of guy that believes that “it’s all law,” which means he’s a crappy and idiotic yet optimistic lawyer.  If Frances truly loves her husband, she would dump the best divorce lawyer that she’s got.  They both just need mediation, but I guess there’s no comedic drama involved in mediation, so here goes nothing!  True divorce court, it is.

I binge-watched “Sex and The City” this weekend, and boy, Frances is not Carrie.  Sarah Jessica Parker, in all her efforts to separate herself from Carrie, has finally done so in this role.  Her mannerisms; way of speaking; and disposition are all so different.  Kudos to Parker for successfully transitioning out of being type-cast.  “Divorce” is a healthy departure for her. I do hope, however, that Frances and Robert work it out unlike how I feel about Carrie and Mr. Big.


Season 1, Episode 5 (S01E05)
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  1. This is wrong. Gustav is not Robert’s lawyer, that’s Tony Silvercreek, Gustav is the artist who ends up in a fight with Carson at the party.

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