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Really Robert?

That should be the title of this week’s episode of .  After talking to one of his buddies, Robert (Thomas Haden Church) realizes that it’s 2016, an age where the man doesn’t automatically bear the financial burden of divorce.  Oh, boy is he excited.  He decides to forgo mediation and gets a lawyer instead.  The following episodes should include more bitching and moaning from both Robert and Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) with the aid of divorce lawyers.  So much for civility.

I do understand where Robert is coming from.  Frances is the one who had the long-term affair.  Frances is the one who pushed the exit button on their marriage in the counselor’s waiting room.  Frances was also OK with him moving out the house.  It seems like Frances is getting the better deal, and Robert was OK with that until his buddy snapped him out of it.  So, Robert is taking some power back through the courts.  We’ll see how far this goes.

The courts are the most complicated system in this country.  I have no personal experience with divorce court.  Like any true blue-blooded American, I get my divorce court information from the  show Divorce Court.  Things that happen in just one episode of that show are sure to transpire in “Divorce.”  Robert and Frances have already flipped birds and cussed each other out already.  It’s only a matter of time until they reveal information about each other in front of the lawyers that’s too personal.  Perhaps Robert has a gambling addiction?  Maybe Frances has another lover we know nothing about?  It’s bound to get down and dirty.


One thing these two no longer have to worry about is telling the children.  It annoyed me that they treated them like imbeciles.  Children are way smarter than adults, and Frances and Robert forgot that.  They finally told the children, and as expected, they already knew.  Making up excuses as to why Robert couldn’t sleep in the same room and eventually the same house as Frances gets suspicious to anybody, especially children.  They’re not expected to talk much, so they tend to observe more than anyone.  Also, when you’re divorcing, you tend to be a little messy.  Frances thought she was hiding their marriage woes well, but miming “tsks” and “you’re an idiot” right in front of the children when they’re in the car doesn’t hide anything.  One lesson this couple should learn is that they should be as transparent with their children going forward.  One is a teenager, and the other is a tween.  If they don’t want their children to bring them up in future counseling sessions, the truth and nothing but the truth will go a long way.

Speaking of the truth, Robert has been calling Frances’ lover, Julian (Jemaine Clement).  He’s been leaving harassing voicemails and texts.  Julian calls Frances to let her know what her husband has been up to, but she thinks it’s because he misses her.  Geez, louise.  This woman is so arrogant and delusional.  She even has the audacity to get upset that Julian won’t ask her how she is.  Julian is her lover!  He is acting accordingly – aloof and unphased.  I think Frances is living in some made-up world.  What’s sad is that she’s not the benefactor of anything in that world.  It’s just all falling apart.

It’s very interesting following a divorce story where the man is in the clear.  Robert seems like such a sweetheart, blindsided by a selfish wife.  We will see whether that story holds in the next episodes.


Season 1, Episode 4 (S01E04)
Divorce airs Sunday at 10PM on HBO

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