Doctor Who Review: “The Zygon Invasion”


Airtime: Saturday at 9:00 PM on BBC America

Tweetable Takeaway: 20 million Zygons have been living on Earth, but some of them are done pretending to be humans. The war has begun.  

This two-part episode was essentially put in motion years ago during a very special episode. What three Doctors started, the 12th Doctor must put an end too. Zygons, 20 million of them to be exact, have been living on Earth for some time now. This treaty was formed by the 10th, 11th and War Doctor in order to avoid a long and possibly bloody battle. They left behind the keepers of the peace, the Osgoods and the Osgood box. But now the peace has ended, the treaty is broken, and the Zygons want Earth for themselves.


This is where our Doctor comes in. Flying around in his TARDIS, jamming on his guitar, he receives one dreaded message, Nightmare Scenario. He knows he must return to Earth at once and deal with this possible Zygon Invasion. As The Doctor starts to put together the pieces, he tries to call and recruit Clara into the fold to help out. The Doctor, Clara (more on her later) and Kate Stewart and her UNIT crew must stop an all out war. But they must do so in secret. The Doctor splits everyone up and sends them all to key locations where the Zygons may be plotting their war. As we slowly learn, these Zygons play dirty. Constantly taking the form of loved ones in order to weaken UNIT soldiers before killing them.


The Doctor heads out to a mysterious foreign country where the Zygon main base seems to be located. He manages to infiltrate their lair, although not before all the UNIT soldiers die. He finds Osgood and saves her just before UNIT drops a bomb on the whole town. They rush back to England aboard the President of the World plane. The Doctor spends his time talking with Osgood and interrogating a captured Zygon. When he calls Clara a surprise is in store for him…

Meanwhile Kate Stewart has been sent to Truth or Consequences in the U.S.A. In the small abandoned town she finds just one police woman left. After much talking she reveals herself to by a Zygon and presumably captures Kate Stewart and takes her for. Zygons now have control over UNIT, or what is left of it; there is just one more piece to the puzzle.

Clara Oswald seems to just be living her life in her flat, and not hearing the phone ring 127 times. When she encounters a little boy in hall she tries to help him out by bringing him home. After which she joins The Doctor to help solve the Zygon problem. She discovers their secret layer and brings all the UNIT soldiers she can find down there. However, it’s a trap!!! The Zygons captured her when she returned to boy home and has been sabotaging The Doctor’s plan this whole time. The Zygon version of Clara quickly dispatches of the UNIT troops and then coordinates with the Zygon version of Kate Stewart to continue the Zygon world domination. This brings us to The Doctor’s phone call with Clara (or the Zygon version of her). She reveals to him that he journey has come to end and fires a missile straight at this plane.


This is where the writers leave us. A major cliffhanger waiting for next week. This episode in comparison to the rest of the season felt like a refreshing breath of air. It felt like the days of Doctor Who gone by. The Earth is being attack by aliens, the future of the human race hangs in the balance and only The Doctor can save us. This is what is great about Doctor Who. The ability to balance high stakes with personal attacks, keeping it fast paced and even light hearted at time. I am hoping this represents a shift in the season and more episodes will have this type of feel to it. Overall, I would say the best episode of the season thus far and it should only go up going into the conclusion next week.


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