Donald Trump Satire Series in the Works with Harry Shearer


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Saturday Night Live alum is in the works on a weekly satirical series following -elect Donald Trump called TOO SOON? The series will follow Trump’s presidency.

“I wanted to do this to start what I think is a future, if not the future, of topical sketch comedy,” Shearer said. “With Donald Trump now set to be , this could be comedy gold for the next four years.”

A sneak peak of the series last week, with a fictionalized version of Trump and Obama’s first meeting. The animated project was created by John MacInnes and Remington Scott with Shearer doing the voices for both roles and the animation utilizing performance capture software. Too Soon? is being shopped for television.

“We’re taking video game technology and using it to create non-gaming content — TV, movies, music videos — across all media platforms, whether that’s 2D, or 3D virtual reality,” MacInnes and Scott said.

This isn’t Shearer’s first political comedy, having previously studied the Nixon tapes for his performance in Nixon’s the One for My Damn Channel and also appearing in the historical comedy Dick as G. Gordon Liddy. Shearer has also been a long-time voice actor for The Simpsons and is best known for starring in the cult comedy This is Spinal Tap with Christopher Guest and Michael McKean.

Shearer is repped by .

See the sneak peak of Too Soon? below.

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