Donnie Yen Signs With New Agency



has signed with after recently leaving Paradigm.

Yen is a superstar in China and there is a good reason why… he does it all; the man acts, directs, produces, does fight choreography, and stunt coordination. Not only does he do all of those things, but he is also one of the best martial artists working in film today. If you don’t believe me watch “Ip Man” or “The Iron Monkey” or if you really want to dig deep and try to find his first film “Drunken Tai Chi” you will not be disappointed.

Though he has been the star in plenty of Chinese cinema, his roles here in the states have mostly been ancillary, like in “Blade II.” He will be seen next in the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” sequel, and I cannot wait. Hopefully will get the man some more work on this continent and we will be seeing a lot more of Yen.


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