“Dr. Who” Says Goodbye To Hulu & Netflix, Hello To Amazon Prime



After leaving and Netflix on February 1st, DR. WHO is traveling through time and space… to Amazon Prime. In a statement on Monday, Amazon announced a multiyear pact with BBC America that will make Amazon Prime Video the exclusive U.S. subscription streaming home for the current version of the series.

The science fiction series follows “the Doctor” and his companion as he travels through tim and space in his Tardis (a space ship disguised as a police call box) as he works to save the universe.

The current series began airing on BBC One in 2005. It was later picked up by BBC America, creating an international cult following. It was initially revamped with Christopher Eccleston as the titular character before passing the mantle onto David Tennant and Matt Smith. The Doctor is currently portrayed by Peter Capaldi.

The past eight seasons of the series will be available on March 27th with the recent season nine and Christmas special “The Husbands Of River Song” available later this fall. The classic seasons that aired from 1963-1989 are available on DVD and online via iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Vudu.

Season 10 is set to air in 2017 with a Christmas special planned for this winter. The showrunner that helped make the show such a success in its revamp, , will leave after season 10, with star Capaldi likely to follow.

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