Drama Pilot “Radicalized” From Bandar Albuliwi Earns TB Recommends (EXCLUSIVE)



〉 Albuliwi becomes the third writer to earn TB Recommends in 2016.


We are pleased to announce The ’s latest TB Recommended script,  by . The original drama pilot, pitched as Homeland meets Greek, depicts a young Muslim man getting recruited by the FBI to infiltrate a suspected terrorist cell at Columbia University, only to become radicalized himself in the process. Albuliwi marks the third writer to earn the TB Recommends distinction in 2016, following Sylvester Ada and Dan Benamor, and he now becomes the 18th overall TB Recommends writer.

Our readers immediately noticed Radicalized for it’s strong, confident, and clear writing. Reminiscent of The Americans or Quantico this pilot provides memorable visual imagery and a provocative premise that’s sure to get people talking. It’s easy to picture this pilot as a show as it tackles Americans’ fear of terrorism head-on, but hopes to subvert those fears and make the audience sympathize with the protagonist, an average Arab-American teenager who becomes a radicalized terrorist after infiltrating a sleeper cell on behalf of the FBI. The writer’s depiction of Muslims is even-handed, and while the pilot does tread on some uncertain areas, the writer is capable of pulling it off, as he consistently demonstrates his thoughtfulness, intelligence, and talent.

Albuliwi is an award-winning filmmaker born in Brooklyn, NY. He is a graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory where he received a MFA in Directing. Recipient of the 2009 Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Television Directing fellowship, he worked on the FOX television series, Brothers. His debut feature film, Peace After Marriage, was winner of the Creative Promise Award at the Tribeca Film Festival and has screened at over 30 international film festivals. Prior to that, his AFI Thesis film, Azad, was one of five faculty selected thesis films which screened at the Directors Guild of America before going on to have its world premiere at the Heartland Film Festival.

For those unfamiliar, the ’s script coverage program not only offers professional unbiased feedback, but we are also always on the lookout for distinctive voices like Albuliwi’s and the next hot script. When a script receives a “Recommend” from our readers, we recognize the project through the Recommends program. All scripts that receive a “Recommend” through the coverage service are announced on The website, forums, and feeds, allowing their script to be seen as the next big thing to the thousands of industry professionals who follow The .

Since the launch of the TB Recommends program, 16 of the 17 writers previously honored have gone on to gain representation via our referral, with agency and management companies such as , , Madhouse Entertainment, Circle of Confusion, and more. Six of these writers have even seen their TBR scripts set up at companies like Warner Bros., Scott Free, Vertigo Entertainment, and 20th Century Fox.

Albuliwi will also be joining our exclusive TB Alumni family, home to some of the hottest young writers in Hollywood. This ever-expanding club is filled with TB Recommended writers as well as the finalists of our Feature and Pilot Competitions. With 156 writers signed and more than 50 scripts set up with producers in under 3 years, Albuliwi will be in good company and fit right into the ranks.

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