Dream It, Risk It, Build It: The Rock Drops a New “Ballers” Trailer Featuring Steph Curry (Video)


I’m not gonna lie, I really like HBO’s . It’s not the best show on or anything, but like the network’s Entourage (R.I.P.), it consistently delivers an entertaining half-hour — thanks, in large part, to its enormously likable star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Returning alongside Johnson are his loyal wingman Joe (Rob Corddry), lovable Charles (Omar Benson Miller) and brash wide receiver Ricky, played by an increasingly impressive John David Washington. There’s a whole cast of colorful characters — now including Steph Curry, apparently — but they represent the core foursome.

Of course, it’s not all fun in the sun down in Miami, as last season saw Johnson’s Spencer Strasmore dealing with a worrisome addiction to pain killers. It was nice to see the show has something on its mind besides the money, fame and women that come with playing football, shining a light on the fact that the violent sport comes with consequences.

The third season of Ballers arrives on July 23, and this time around, Spencer and Joe are thinking much bigger than Miami if this trailer is any indication. Take a look above, and get a head-start on preparing for the return of football season.

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