DreamWorks & Montecito Pictures Win Female Ensemble Spec “Besties”


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After a heated bidding war, comedy spec BESTIES has landed at with Montecito Pictures, with a deal in the low-to-mid six figures, beating out two other studios. The spec is the first feature from and .

The film follows a woman who finds a long lost love note and sets off on a road trip with her three best friends to break up the wedding of her childhood crush. It’s Wild Hogs meets My Best Friend’s Wedding. The project is likely to garner attention for many actresses looking for a starring vehicle. 

Producer deals are still in the works, but Montecito’s Ali Bell, who brought in the project, is expected to produce with Ivan Reitman. Tom Pollock will executive produce and Peter Fried will co-produce.

Daniels is a writer, stand-up comedian, and a for Anna Faris’ popular podcast Unqualified. Bartosic was previously a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots before making a jump to screenwriting. 

The sale comes at a time when discussion of the future of female-centric comedies are prevalent. Ghostbusters director Paul Feig often brought up the topic on his film’s press tour, describing how so much of the future of female-centric comedies depends on the success of Ghostbusters. The film debuted with $46 million, low for a movie with such a large budget, however the excitement for the upcoming Bad Moms and the sale of Besties show the desire for movies starring women will not be waning any time soon.

Daniels and Bartosic are repped by .


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