“Dynasty” Reboot Will Introduce Iconic Character Alexis Colby


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Joan Collins’ Alexis Colby was iconic on the original and she will not be left out of The CW’s reboot, promised during the show’s Critics’ Association’s summer press tour Wednesday.

“We are taking our delicious time,” said executive Sallie Patrick. “It will happen, at some time, this season.”

Jackson did not elaborate if she meant the character would be showing up this season, but Alexis will at the very least be there in spirit before she shows up for real.

“We do refer to her a lot,” said Grant Show, who plays Blake Harrington.

“We’re building up the spirit of Alexis,” added Patrick. “She’s definitely alive in characters like Fallon, and we learn a little bit about her history.”

“If not in person, she is definitely there in spirit all the time,” said Show.

Ultimately, “she is coming,” promised Patrick.

Along with Alexis Colby, Blake’s ex-wife and the mother of Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) and Steven (James Mackay) Carrington, there are other Colbys who eventually showed up in later seasons of the original Dynasty – and they too will probably show up on the reboot sooner or later.

“We’re having a lot of fun in the writers’ room talking about those characters outside of the core cast,” said EP Stephanie Savage. “We’re looking forward to bringing them to the series.”

Dynasty will be paired with Riverdale on The CW this fall, and will premiere Wednesday, October 11 at 9 p.m. ET.

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  1. Anthony Scaramucci has the bitchiness. he could do the job and he needs a job. And there’s precedent since Sammy Joe is a man. Alexis is also a man’s name too. Maybe Blake was in a relationship with a man before he met Cristal. Besides him met bet is still on India de Beaufort. She might be too young but otherwise she’s perfect for the role.

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