E.L. Katz Tells Lionsgate, “You’ll Be The Death Of Me”



has signed on to direct the comedy/thriller YOU’LL BE THE DEATH OF ME. The film follows two single New Yorkers who find their budding romance interrupted by an insane knife-weilding masked killer. The hybrid genre film was penned by scribe Mark Hammer and will be produced by Tood Lieberman’s Mandeville for Lionsgate.

Katz is a hot commodity, coming right off of his first feature, “Cheap Thrills.” The film is a hybrid dark comedy/horror concerning a wealthy couple that pits a struggling family man and his friend through a series of elaborate, twisted, and dangerously unsafe dares for the sake of entertainment during a single evening. The film starred David Koechner, Ethan Embry, Pat Healy, and Sara Paxton and premiered at SXSW, taking home the Audience Award and critic’s pick for Best First .

Katz has also written several short films and wrote the features “Autopsy,” “What Fun We Were Having” and “Pop Skull.” He also recently directed a segment for the horror anthology sequel “The ABC’s of Death 2.” Up next, he’s writing the features “Dark Corners,” “The Unholy” and “Zombie Pet Shop.”

Katz is repped by Gersh and Jeremy Platt Management.



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