Elle Fanning Set To Become A YOUNG ONE With Casey Affleck & Jamie Bell


is in early talks to join Casey Affleck, and an already in-talks Jamie Bell to star in the upcoming sci-fi drama from director Jake Paltrow (Gwyneth’s brother). The project, which takes place in a near future world where water is a scarce commodity, centers on a teen cowboy who is still reeling from his father’s death when he discovers the killer has moved in with his sister, and the ever-looming introduction of futuristic technology he’s been fighting against threatens to claim more lives, should he pursue his personal vendetta. The ambitious project is being done on an indie scale with a budget under $10 million, however with this grouping of talent, which also includes producer Noah Baumbach, this should be a very interesting project to watch come to life.

Fanning, who has been busy as of late will next be seen in the JJ Abrams’ super secret project “Super 8” and before that starred in the Sofia Coppola indie “Somewhere.” We here at TB also recently broke the news of her involvement in the upcoming musical/drama “” as well as her signing on to star opposite Vera Farmiga in “”.

Fanning is repped by and One .



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