Elmore Leonard’s FREAKY DEAKY Comes Back From The Dead, With Five New Cast Members!


, set up in 1991, and going through the revolving door of you would expect of a 20+ year old , has just been resurrected from the dead with five new cast members signing on, or in negotiations. , , , and are all set to join the , which centers on two former 1960″²s revolutionaries who decide to cash in on their bomb-making skills and become capitalists. The , which is based on the Elmore Leonard novel, has seen it’s fair share of homes over the years as well, having bounced from Warner Bros., New Regency, Miramax, and A Band Apart to name a few, before coming to rest at The Matthau Company (and another as of yet to be confirmed home). Charles Matthau, of the Matthau company, was previously attached to direct, and it is his script that is the latest draft are using as a guideline for their recently opened OWA.

A little trivia on the . Not only were the above companies involved, but at one point so were Quentin Tarantino and Kurt Russel.

Rockwell is repped by Gersh. Christensen and Robinson are repped by UTA, with Robinson also being repped by 3 Arts Entertainment. Macy is repped by . Belle is repped by WME.



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