ELSEWHERE (SPEC) **Thriller Enters Another Territory!**


Yesterday we heard was heading into the following territories:

  • Mark Sourian into — DreamWorks
  • Carla Hacken into — Lionsgate
  • Michael De Luca into — Sony Pictures
  • Karen Rosenfelt into — Fox 2000

Now we’re hearing it’s also into:

  • Brad Luff into — FilmDistrict

The project is pitched as “The Vow” meets “Sixth Sense.” The story follows a man who befriends a mysterious woman who rescues him from his grief, after surviving a car crash that kills his fiancee. In each other they find love and a new life… until something begins to intrude upon their happily-ever, when ghosts from the past start to drive them into madness.

and wrote the spec. They’re repped by () and (Madhouse Entertainment).

We’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds.



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