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has had its fair share of misses.  The acting and storylines have struggled to convince me that this deserved a greenlight.  Friday’s episode changes my mind significantly.  Each character’s personality gets clearer.  Oz is a place of corrupt leaders.  No one in power seems to have the people as its concern.  A savior is needed.  And I think her name is Tip (Jordan Loughran).

Oz is in a precarious state.  They are on the brink of war because The Wizard (Vincent D’Onofrio) wants to cement his place in Oz.  In short, he is a demagogue.  And all demagogues will wage war on anything that threatens their power.  For the Wizard, that threat is magic.  If magic becomes king, then he is no longer useful.  He can’t take that feeling again.  He stayed in Oz so that he could become a sort of king. Failing to do so in Dorothy’s (Adria Arjona) world has fueled him to do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

One of the characters says that The Wizard is the reality of the Beast Forever, a monster that swallows you whole into oblivion.  I like this analogy because it makes so much sense.  The Wizard has spoken of the Beast Forever, and while trying to keep his power in Oz, has told people that guns can keep the Beast Forever away forever.  Isn’t it interesting that all of the guns he’s trying to manufacture might be what destroys him?  I am loving to hate The Wizard.  He is not becoming a monster.  He’s always been one, and magic’s threat to his power is revealing who he truly is.


Glinda (Joely Richardson) may or may not be a bad guy.  I can’t tell.  As of now, she is trying to help Roan/Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) fall in love with her again.  This is a part of the story that I love the most.  She lifted the spell on Roan’s memory but can’t hypnotize him to love her again.  Apparently, those two had a Romeo and Juliet kind of love, but ever since Dorothy, Roan doesn’t know what to do with his heart.

Dorothy inadvertently summons the late East Witch’s powers to string Glinda up in a blanket and chokes the crap out of her.  She would have been successful in killing her if Roan wasn’t there to stop her.  Let me provide some details.  Roan gently coaxed her to stop.  Glinda tells him that the man she knew would have “gutted her” to stop her.  I agree with her.  Any man who loves his wife would have only seen red to stop someone from killing them.  Roan seems to be conflicted but not in the way that Glinda thinks. He’s conflicted about staying with Glinda even though he knows he’s in love with Dorothy.  He probably thinks he owes Glinda, which he does, but he also forgets that she kind of left him out in the cold and took his memory from him. THAT PART.  Because of the latter, him staying as long as he has should be good enough.  Glinda is lucky that man came back in the first place.  She owes Dorothy.  Instead of viewing it in this way, Glinda wants Roan to free his heart from Dorothy by killing her.  Although that probably would help, that man isn’t going to do that.  He may be poised to do so, but I don’t believe he will be able to.

Besides trying to get her husband back, Glinda is raising an army of young witches for battle.  She’s keeping them hostage in an all-white tower.  Sylvie (Rebecca Rea) is now one of them.  Before Dorothy breaks out of the tower, she tries to convince Sylvie to come with her, but it’s too late.  Sylvie has already adopted their group-think.  Let’s see what becomes of Sylvie after a while…

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On the other side of the land, Princess L calls herself trying to date the tin man aka Jack (Gerran Howell). They have sex, and he wakes up to find servants waiting for him to wake up.  He attempts to make their relationship a normal one, and she puts the kibosh on that.  She encourages him to have his own life.  In other words, “Stop sweatin’ me”.  He challenges her to make this real, and she says something to the effect of, “If I don’t own you then how do I know you’ll stay?”  She immediately says he’s free, and sure enough, he leaves.  I don’t feel sorry for Princess L at all.  Yes, she may be alone, but under no circumstance can you force someone to love you and be your property at the same time.  That doesn’t exist.

As Jack leaves, he’s met by castle guards.  It seems like they’re coming to apprehend him, but they’re actually standing guard to meet The Wizard.  The Wizard asks a commander whether his weapons are ready.  He retorts “yes,” and then calls out for Princess L.  What are those two cooking up? Princess L has many of the same issues as The Wizard.  They’re both egomaniacs, anxious and afraid of losing their positions. Their pairing could be phenomenal.
TB-TV-Grade-CSeason 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)
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