Emily Blunt Looks Practically Perfect in First “Mary Poppins Returns” Photo (Things We Love)


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When it was revealed that Emily Blunt would be taking on the role that won Julie Andrews an Oscar, I was immediately on board. If anyone could take on the role of Mary Poppins after Andrews, it’s Blunt. She has similar enough looks, we’ve heard her sing before, and she’s so charmingly British.

Now, Entertainment Weekly has revealed the exclusive first look at , the sequel Disney announced in September of 2015. The film is set in Depression-era London and sees Jane and Michael’s childhood nanny returning to them after they’ve grown to help them overcome new obstacles in life.

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The photo shows Blunt in a new costume as Poppins, albeit one that looks familiar and appropriately in-character, complete with a calf-length blue coat, new burgundy hat (not unlike the black one Andrews wore in the original film), and, of course, her carpetbag that is much bigger on the inside than appears.

Whether or not she’s on Cherry Tree Lane, it looks like a fall day in London and soon a grown-up Jane and Michael Banks, played by Emily Mortimer and Ben Whishaw, will become reacquainted with a magical nanny they once knew as children, along with new faces like Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda), Topsy (Meryl Streep), and Balloon Lady (Angela Lansbury).

Ultimately, the photo should give fans some nostalgic and exciting feelings.

The film is slated to arrive Christmas Day of 2018.

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