Emma Stone Lands Major Offer Following Oscar Win… to Some Kid’s High School Prom


Emma Stone Jacob Staudenmaier

has been flooded with offers since winning an Oscar for La La Land, but none quite like this. , a high school student in Phoenix, Arizona who looks an awful lot like Ryan Gosling, has asked Stone to be his prom date, just in case the actress isn’t feeling partied out from last year’s seemingly endless awards season.

Staudenmaier, who should have no trouble finding a backup date considering his spooky resemblance to Gosling, popped the question with an elaborate musical number that pays homage to the opening scene in La La Land. His classmates proved to be the ultimate GANGSTER SQUAD of wingmen, helping him pull off the impressive “prom-posal.”

Staudenmaier attends Arcadia High School, which is part of the Scottsdale Unified School District. In a simple twist of fate, Stone just so happens to be from Scottsdale, so it’d be a homecoming of sorts for the Amazing Spider-Man actress.

Now, I’m not sure how I feel about this recent Twitter phenomenon where fans ask (re: pressure) celebrities to join them at important social functions, but the ball is in Stone’s court. The question now is whether she’ll say ALOHA, or, well, “Aloha,” which means both “hello” and “goodbye” in Hawaiian.

Staudenmaier’s inventive video should certainly HELP Stone make a decision, but regardless of her answer, he deserves an EASY A in his high school film class. Perhaps haunted by the GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST, he chose to publicly court his FAVOURITE actress who he’s clearly in CRAZY STUPID LOVE with. Let’s just hope he’s not a MANIAC or a SUPERBAD dancer, and is more respectful than CROOD.

After all, prom is usually a BATTLE OF THE SEXES, full of hormones and expectations, though Staudenmaier doesn’t strike me as an IRRATIONAL MAN — he knows they’re not going to become FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, even if there is a sense of MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT. Following a viral video like this, it would be awfully CRUELLA of Stone to turn the young man down.

Stay tuned, and watch Staudenmaier’s video below.


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