ENDANGERED (SPEC) ***Blazing Hot!***


2012 Nicholl Fellowship Finalist is continuing its hot streak! Last night the spec was taken into Warner Bros., DreamWorks and Screen Gems by . This brings its territory total to ten with a sale looking imminent.

The spec is pitched as being in the vein of “Crichton” meets “Amblin”. When a drug company discovers a primate over 200 years old, a team descends on the perilous jungle of southeast Asia in search of the Fountain of Youth; only to find there are ancient reasons it has stayed forever hidden.

Written by and , the is said to be a follow up of their previous spec “X”. The writing pair are repped by Ida Ziniti at and Jeff Belkin at Zero Gravity .




  1. Tried to read this. Gave up before I hit 30… Concept is intriguing I guess — a little Medicine Man (maybe too much) mixed with a little Congo. It’s all an adventure yada yada… But the writing is pretty pedestrian and sometimes hard to follow. Characters are all pretty lame. By page 30 I gave a shit about none.

    • Read it: Science is pseudo at best, mindnumbingly bad at worst. And the ending has been completely ripped off from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the PS3. Needs MAJOR revisions.

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