Eva Green, Sean Bean Eyed For “Wonder Woman” Villains


sean bean eva green

Starring  and , already sets high expectations for the rest of the cast. has spread that  and are in early talks to join them.

The two in question are being considered for the roles of Ares, the God of War, and Circe, the Sorceress. In DC Comics, Circe features as one of Wonder Woman’s major adversaries. Much like the original Circe from The Odyssey, this Circe is a beautiful sorceress with an unfortunate habit of turning people into animals. Likewise, DC Comics’ Ares is based upon the ancient Greeks’ mythological god of war. Like most of DC’s gods, he possesses super strength, and like his mythological predecessor, he proves to be a master of combat and strategy.

While these talks are still in the preliminary stages, Bean and Green definitely have the chops —and the looks— to pull off these two roles.

Directed by , Wonder Woman will begin this November in London, so casting is well on its way to completion. Wonder Woman is reported to be the first in a trilogy.

Green is repped by and Tavistock Wood.
Bean is repped by .


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