{Exclusive} “Annabelle” Scribe Gary Dauberman Returns For The Killer Doll’s Sequel



           〉Dauberman the first Annabelle

It’s been a year since the diabolical doll known as Annabelle graced our screens, and while a sequel to The Conjuring is already in production, things are now moving forward with the next entry in ’s spinoff series. Sources confirm that is actively in development, with returning for another sinister outing.

Dauberman of course the first Annabelle and is coming back to write the sequel. Our sources also confirm that Annabelle‘s director may not be back and that the search is on for a new director. The Conjuring helmer is once again producing, while and oversee for New Line.

Following the superb financial and critical reception to The Conjuring, a spinoff/prequel featuring the film’s creepy mascot – the possessed doll named Annabelle- was quickly rushed into production. Loosely based on a true story, the film follows a a couple who find that their vintage doll becomes the host for a malevolent entity after their house is broken into by a satanic cult.



Filmed on a measly $6.5 million budget, Annabelle went on to gross $246 million, making it a massive hit. The pig-tailed demon doll proved a favorite with audiences and launched a new franchise alongside of The Conjuring. 

Annabelle marks Dauberman’s first theatrical feature, though the budding genre scribe has since another project for New Line – the Phil Claydon-directed Crawlspace. Dauberman also reteamed with Leonetti and New Line for the Hollywood hills home invasion thriller The Wolves at the Door. He’ll next pen CBS Films’ Halloween horror Hellfest, which is to be helmed by Neil Marshall.

Dauberman is repped by ICM and .


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