{Exclusive} Ben Stiller And Red Hour Set For Comedy “Fire Me” At Fox



       〉 the book by Libby Malin, is a relatable romantic comedy for anyone fed up with their jobs.

Red Hour’s Stiller and are set to produce FIRE ME at Fox, after the studio acquired the rights to the charming novel of the same name by Libby Malin, Fire Me: A Tale of Scheming, Dreaming, and Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places. Rock writers Josh Siegel and have been tapped to pen the . exec will also produce. 

libby-malinThe relatable romantic comedy follows Anne Wyatt, an aspiring entrepreneur who is fed up with impossible deadlines and meaningless busywork at her . She goes to the office one day determined to resign, but before she has the chance to follow through, her boss announces someone17;s getting laid off 11; and with a generous severance package to boot. Hoping to use the severance money to start her own business, she decides to do whatever it takes to convince her boss that someone should be her. With just one day to ruin her , Anne’s increasingly hysterical tactics are unwittingly undermined by Ken, the handsome graphic designer in the next cubicle who has his own ideas for liberation from the corporate grind.

is the company behind Stiller’s hit films such as Zoolander, Dodgeball, Tropic Thunder, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, as well as Central series Another . Their latest, the Stiller-directed Zoolander , catwalks into theaters February 1. The company recently left after a long-standing first look deal to partner with Bold .

DM-JSSiegel and Morgan have written for Monk, Welcome To The , and Rock, for which they earned three nods for Best as

is in talks to direct. In addition to directing episodes of Veep, Playing House, Grace & Frankie, and You, Me and The Apocalypse, Kirkby has helmed stand-up specials starring comedians , Stewart Lee, and Greg Davies.

Malin holds two degrees from Peabody Conservatory of and began her as a singer before turning to . In addition to Fire Me, Malin is the author of Loves Me, Loves Me Not and My Own Personal Soap Opera. She has also written four mysteries and several historical fiction novels under the names Libby Sternberg and Elizabeth Malin.

Siegel and Morgan are repped by .
Kirkby is repped by and .


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