{Exclusive} Benderspink Signs And Agencies Circle For 2015 Launch Pad Writer Rohit Kumar



  〉Kumar’s pilot Greyshore is a semi-finalist in the 2015 Launch Pad Pilots competition

We’re proud to announce that 2015 Launch Pad Pilot Competition writer has been signed by Benderspink managers and . Benderspink, who have been involved in everything from The Ring to We’re the Millers, have made a name for themselves as not only a formidable company, but also by representing distinct voices of all kinds.

Benderspink has also been closely involved with the Launch Pad competition since day one, signing writers from every competition over the past two years, with managers and acting as judges, as well as partnering with us this year to offer a Guaranteed Signing option to entrants in our 2015 Launch Pad Feature Competition, wherein at least one writer will be hand-selected by Benderspink for representation.

Kumar, who currently has his script Greyshore sitting in our Top 25 semi-finalists, also earned a spot in our honorable mentions this year with his script Unbecomers. With his getting ready to launch, Kumar, who began his in computer engineering before diving into entertainment head on with a series of jobs at CAA, , and True Pictures, is already meeting with several agencies in what has already become a very competitive signing situation.

Greyshore, which is being pitched as Wayward Pines meets The Shining, features unsettling scares and intriguing mystery, as it seemingly draws its inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft’s famous weird horror tales as it tells the story of a disgraced doctor who discovers that the couple who raised him are not his own his biological parents as he takes his own family to his newly inherited estate.


The infamous town of Greyshore, which seems to be stuck in time, begins to pull him under as dark, mysterious forces threaten his family. His other Launch Pad script, Unbecomers, can be pitched as an adolescent twist on How to Get Away With Murder, centered around a high school party full of booze, sex, underage drinking, and focusing on a group of kids about to leave high school and begin their adult lives.

Kumar marks the 68th writer signed in just the first two years of the Launch Pad Competition!

Want you own shot at a in Hollywood? Enter the Launch Pad Feature Competition before tomorrow (September 15th) deadline by clicking the link below:



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