{Exclusive} Cormac McCarthy’s “The Passenger” Causing A Stir On Rights Market


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〉 McCarthy’s latest novel, to be published in 2016, is set in New Orleans of the 1980s

Rights to the upcoming novel from literary master , THE PASSENGER, are causing quite a stir on the TV and film market. The book, set to be published in 2016 by , is repped by ICM’s and , with Bernstein handling the TV and film rights.

We can confirm that the elusive McCarthy’s latest centers around a brother dealing with the aftermath of his sister’s suicide in 1980s New Orleans, and that Multiple Personality Disorder plays a role. McCarthy has also revealed that science and mathematics will serve as underlying themes, not surprising given McCarthy’s position as a trustee of the Santa Fe Institute, a facility in New Mexico which conducts research on topics relating to complexity.

Several of McCarthy’s previous novels have been adapted into feature films, including All the Pretty Horses, The Road, and No Country For Old Men–which took home an Academy Award for Best Picture in 2007. McCarthy himself is no stranger to the Hollywood process, as he wrote the script and served as an executive producer on 2013’s The Counselor, directed by Ridley Scott.


The films based on McCarthy’s work are rarely box office breakouts–No Country For Old Men being the exception–they never fail to offer complex roles and deep themes, the sort of material that elevates a genre and offers the potential for awards season success. Given that McCarthy has dropped hints The Passenger will be his “long novel,” the novel could prove to be the perfect opportunity to translate his work into a television series or mini-series.

Over the course of his lauded , McCarthy has earned a reputation for being one of the world’s greatest living writers, as his novels posses a distinct style, tone and depth that set them apart from the rest of the literary world. He’s won a Pulitzer Prize and was the recipient of the MacArthur Genius Grant in 1981. McCarthy has become a figure of intrigue among his fans, rarely granting interviews or inviting conversation about his writing process, with a practical nature and weathered disposition which seem only to reinforce the themes in his work.

He lives in Santa Fe with his wife.


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