{Exclusive} Gold Circle Films Developing Drama About Miracle Composer Stuart Sharp


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          〉The project has the potential to become the next Pursuit of Happyness

Gold Circle Films is transforming ’s incredible life story into a film, with of producing. Gold Circle’s is overseeing the drama, which follows the true story of one man’s decades-long struggle to compose the beautiful music in his head. Sharp, who said that he began to hear breathtaking music following the tragic death of his newborn son, spent a great deal of his life teaching himself to write music in order to bring to life the angelic sounds.

Sharp’s wife, who reluctantly agreed to let her husband journey to London for six months to seek his dream, later divorced him. Now broke and destitute, Sharp became homeless and lived on the streets. Determined to realize his purpose, he worked to become a business consultant and, after fifteen years, became a millionaire. Now with enough money to hire an Orchestra, Sharp reconnected with Anthony Wade (a musician that encouraged Sharp when he was homeless) and put together a demo.

Allan Wilson, a conductor who was initially skeptical, was blown away when he heard the demo, equating the act to a novice operating brain surgery without going to medical school. Sharp booked the Philharmonia Orchestra to perform his “Angeli Symphony,” which has now been considered a masterpiece and described as a work of genius by music experts. Since then, Sharp has composed four other symphonies. He also went on to write an autobiography, entitled The Snow People: An Anthology.

Sharp’s incredible story, of a man’s heartbreak, struggle, and eventual triumph, tonally has the makings of The Soloist, Love and Mercy, and The Pursuit of Happyness.

Credit: Geoff Robinson

Credit: Geoff Robinson

Gold Circle is known for their overarching titles spanning a variety of genres. Notably, the shingle produces the Pitch Perfect franchise and The Haunting in Connecticut series. They recently wrapped on the romantic comedy sequel My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and are starting development on Pitch Perfect 3.

Clay has produced a number of films, including the Idris Elba-led thriller No Good Deed. Most recently, he served as an executive producer on the Lego documentary, A LEGO Brickumentary. Up next, he’ll produce the Thomas Jane/Laurence Fishburne thriller Standoff and Dimension’s horror Ink and Bone, which will be scripted and directed by Snow White and the Huntsman and Divergent scribe Evan Daugherty.


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