{EXCLUSIVE HEAT METER} R-Rated Comedy Spec “Senior Year” Heads Into Another Two Major Territories!


While the chilly news from Sundance begins to melt away, news about the new comedy spec continues to heat up. The spec is out from at and at Gersh and written by and (Ghost Team One). Senior Year centers on a cheerleader who falls into a coma during a floor routine, and wakes some 20-years later still the teen girl she was – and eager to reclaim her spot as prom queen and popular kid.

We’ve previously confirmed that spec is into an impressive nine territories: Broken Road has taken the project into Relativity, and ’s into Lionsgate, and ’s Stuber Productions into Universal, took the project into New Line, & ’s Ratpac into Warner Bros., into Fox, and ’s Broken Road productions is into Paramount, Screen Gems, and CBS .

Now, we’ve confirmed that the project has been taken directly into Sony and Dimension, rounding out the list to an impressive eleven major territories.

Spec is into:

Stuber into Universal
Broken Road into Relativity
into New Line
Ratpac into Warner Bros.
Broken Road into Screen Gems, Paramount and CBS
into Fox, Lionsgate



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