{Exclusive} Hilary Swank’s “Something Blue” Sets Scribes Alexa Alemanni And Joe Boothe


something borrowed

〉 Swank is producing the sequel to 2011’s Something Borrowed.

Screenwriting duo and 2012 Young & Hungry List writers and have been tapped to adapt the script for from ’s novel of the same name. The film, like its prequel Something Borrowed, is being produced by Oscar-winner .

The novel, published in 2006, is the sequel to Giffin’s smash-hit 2005 debut. The story revolves around Darcy, who after being dumped by her fiance, flees to London and attempts to recreate her glamorous life on a new continent – but to her dismay, she discovers that her tried-and-true tricks no longer apply, and that her luck with coasting through life has finally expired. It is only through that realization, however, that she is able to start along her path to redemption.

The , which was previously in at Alcon Entertainment, is now being produced by Swank’s with , with and of . and will produce through their , with  overseeing.

2011’s Something Borrowed starred Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski, who signed on to star in both Borrowed and its sequel.

The partners Alemanni and Boothe were recognized on the 2012 Young & Hungry List for their original  Appletown. The duo recently worked together on the TNT series The Librarians. Alemanni is also known for her credits, which include Masters of Sex and, most notably, the recurring role of “Allison” in AMC’s Mad Men. They are also in with the thriller The Serpent’s Bite.

Alemanni and Boothe are both repped by .


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