{Exclusive} HarperCollins Wins “The Final Six” Publishing Rights Following Sony’s Preemptive Buy



UPDATE (05.12.16)After Sony closed on it’s preemptive bid for ’s book proposal last week, a bidding war broke out for the publishing rights, and it now appears that has emerged the victor.

This completes a very rare feat: having a major studio bid on an un-published book proposal that subsequently trigged a publishing frenzy.

of Gersh books negotiated the publishing deal, along with of and attorney .

The town was buzzing over The Final Six, the red hot book proposal from author Monir, as publishers and producers from coast to coast simultaneously eyed what has all the makings of a high-concept family/YA sci-fi franchise.

Immersive Picture‘s Josh Bratman is attached to produce, and according to multiple sources close to The Tracking Board, Sony, where Bratman keeps a first look deal, was the first to get a pre-emptive bid on the table. That paved the way for Sony to scoop it up.

Combining elements of The Martian, Contact and The Hunger Gamesthe story imagines a present-day world under a first-of-its-kind coalition between the United Nations and the international space agencies forming a global “draft” to send a team of six intrepid teenagers to create the first human settlement on Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa. The high concept hook touches on aspirational and relevant themes of environmentalism, global unity and leadership that could catch fire with broad audiences in both the literary and film worlds.

Twenty-something Monir has Girl in the Picture hitting book stores this fall from Random House, prior to that her time- romance Timeless was published by Delacorte, which hit the top of the sales charts amid strong reviews.



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