{Exclusive} Jacki Weaver Set For Animated Feature “Larrikins” At DreamWorks



〉 The animated Australian musical gets some Oscar-nominated star power.

will lend her voice to a major role in the upcoming animated feature LARRIKINS. Australian multi-hyphenate Tim Minchin is also attached to star in the project.

Larrikins focuses on an uptight bilby (also known as a rabbit bandicoot) who leaves his family life in the burrow to venture out into the Australian outback. With a musical backdrop, he meets a cast of other animal characters while on his adventure. Weaver is set to voice a rabbit character while Minchin will summon his best croak as a frog.

Minchin, who wrote the music and lyrics for the Matilda musical, co-wrote Larrikins (which is an Australian term for “a mischievous young person, an uncultivated, rowdy but good hearted person”) with and will co-direct with ,. and will serve as producers.


Based on the premise, the Aussie animated movie is a cross between Disney’s uber-successful Zootopia and Gore Verbinski’s Rango from 2011 — with musical flair. Either way, animated features with talking animals always seem to attract audiences (mainly kids) and sometimes grow into successful franchises like Fox’s Ice Age.

Weaver, who earned Oscar nominations for her performances in 2010’s Animal Kingdom and 2013’s Silver Linings Playbook, can be seen next in the Drake Doremus’s sci-fi romance Equals with Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart and the indie drama Sister Cities. She also stars in the upcoming thriller Goldstone and will appear in James Franco’s star-studded The Disaster Artist.  She can also be seen in the Starz series Blunt Talk opposite Patrick Stewart.

She is repped by .


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