{Exclusive} Jon Kanak Brings Rising Director Juan Martinez Moreno To Helm Richard Hobley’s “All The Night’s Tide”


Moreno on the set of Game of Werewolves

  〉Are we looking at the next big thing in horror?

is having a great week. Just last week, we exclusively reported that his up-and-coming writer Richard Hobley signed with Paradigm. Not letting his work stop with agent’s contract, he used that momentum to set up Hobley’s latest script, ALL THE NIGHTS TIDE, with another hot client, , to direct. Kanak is also producing with The Anomaly’s .

Moreno has been working steadily in the Spanish film and industry since the late 80s, but his 2011 horror-comedy feature Game of Werewolves earned him a coveted spot on the international shorts collection, The ABCs of Death 2 (“S Is for Split”); since then, three of his have been launched into .

There is no news on what this current project from Hobley is about, but horror seems to be both his and Moreno’s wheelhouse. Hobley is having a pretty great year as well, making the Bloodlist for his 2014 script, Limerance, and landing on the 2014 Young & Hungry List. He is also just sold his original horror pilot Haunted to Dimension and has co-written two more that are currently in .

Another promising note for this project is Clarke on duties. The successful /director/ seems to have a solid understanding on how to make a project happen from all creative and business angles. He is known for popular recurring character on Dr. Who, Mickey Smith, and for The Anomaly, a sci-fi/action thriller which Clarke produced, directed and starred.

All these rising stars coming together for a project means that something big should be expected from All the Night’s Tide.


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