{Exclusive} Jon Kanak Signs 2015 LPPC Quarter-Finalist Lauren Stenmoe!


           〉Stenmoe made the Launch Pad Pilot’s top 50 with her drama The Fireflies


We’re thrilled to announce that of Kanak has signed Launch Pad Quarter-Finalist ! Kanak is known for representing a number of up-and-comers in the industry, from writer Richard Hobley to directing duo Kryler Akerstrom, and Stenmoe’s unique voice is sure to fit right in.

Hobley, a 2013 Bloodlist and 2014 Young & Hungry List alum with projects set up all around town, currently has his buzzed-about horror-thriller spec Raven Court in at The Tea Shop & Film Company with James Moran directing. Marcus Kryler and Fredrik Akerstrom grabbed Hollywood’s attention with their sci-fi film Reset, an award-winning short.

Stenmoe holds a BFA in Filmmaking with an emphasis in screenwriting from the Academy of Art University in , and has completed the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting in both film and television. Her focus in is on character-driven stories, often featuring young adults coming-of-age, and she excels at straddling the line between drama and comedy.

Her Top 50 Launch Pad entry The Fireflies is wholly representative of those goals, featuring a funny, instantly relatable high school heroine who doesn’t have it all figured out yet. The origin story of a superstar rock band, The Fireflies tells the story of this whip-smart but emotionally adrift girl finding her voice by teaming up with three other talented outcasts. The pilot effortlessly blends drama, romance, and adventure with four young heroes who resonated instantly with our judges.

Stenmoe marks the 76th writer signed in just the first two years of the Launch Pad Competition!


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