{Exclusive} Launch Pad Alum Dan Benamor Signs With Paradigm And Energy Entertainment


〉Another Launch Pad alum lands representation!

benamor-vertical has signed with of  and and at . In January, Benamor became the 16th writer to receive the coveted TB Recommends status for his feature thriller, Onward, Through the Night, which was the first TB Recommends script of 2016.

In the vein of John Wick and The Raid, Onward, Through The Night is a story about a former hitman dying of cancer that sets out to get revenge on his boss who he blames for the degradation of himself and the city. All the while, he is physically haunted by the souls of the people he has killed. 

His  impressed Launch Pad coverage readers with its compelling action, visual elements, and strong characters. Most of all, the showcased Benamor’s distinct and unique voice.

Before Benamor decided to pursue a in screenwriting, he was on his way to becoming a psychologist. It wasn’t until his writing sample earned him a scholarship to the Vancouver Film School’s Screenwriting for Film & TV Program that he shifted his focus to becoming a professional screenwriter. From there, he went on to work as an assistant and the Head of Development for Nasser Entertainment. There, he worked on a considerable number of films, including Final Girl starring Abigail Breslin.

Congratulations once again to Benamor for being added to the list of over 100 Launch Pad alums to land representation in the past two years.

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