{Exclusive} Launch Pad Alum Paul McLalin Signs with Lee Stobby And CAA


       〉McLalin works as a writers’ assistant for the CBS comedy Angel From Hell.

After earning a coveted TB Recommends designation for his feature comedy YOU’RE DEAD TO ME, Launch Pad alum  continued to gain heat as an up-and-coming comedy writer in town. Now, McLalin has signed with ’s , , , and , while he has also signed with manager by Lee Stobby of

You’re Dead To Me follows a young woman with a sketchy past, who accidentally kills her date and enlists the help of her slacker neighbor to cover up the murder.

After growing up in Dearborn Heights, Michigan and then attending Central Michigan University, McLalin moved to LA and hit the ground as an assistant on Central’s Review and Why? With Hannibal Burress. He was selected for CBS Diversity Showcase where he wrote for Kate McKinnon amongst other hot emerging comedians. 

McLalin recently wrote for the second season of Central’s half-hour animated sketch comedy show TripTank and currently works as a writers’ assistant on CBS’s Angel From Hell, which premieres January 7th, 2016. 


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