{Exclusive} Launch Pad Alums David Lynch & Keith Lynch Sign With WME


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〉 The Brothers Lynch are attached to direct their script, which is being packaged at the powerhouse .

We’re pleased to announce that Launch Pad alums and have signed with of WME. Their remarkable sci-fi thriller RESIDUAL landed in the top 5% of the 2015 Launch Pad Feature Competition, and it’s now poised to become the talented up-and-coming duo’s debut. With the brothers attached to direct, WME is looking to package the project from its deep pool of .

Pitched as The Bourne Identity meets Total Recall, Residual centers around a pioneering mind transfer procedure that goes horribly wrong, wherein three different consciousnesses find themselves trapped within one body, all fighting for control. The smart, high-concept premise is filled with unexpected twists, and creates a futuristic word that is grounded by relatable relationships and themes. With its well-executed structure, the script saves all of its important reveals for just the right moments.

The proof-of-concept short Trial is already garnering the Brothers Lynch some serious buzz as it debuted on shortoftheweek.com.

By signing with Gorin, David and Keith team with one of the industry’s top and join a prestigious roster of that includes Cary Fukunaga, Jason Reitman, and Nicolas Winding Refn. 

The Brothers Lynch are a writer-director duo from the UK who were selected as Screen Stars of Tomorrow in 2013. Their first short film Dual premiered at the BFI London Festival. Their action-comedy screenplay Sitting Ducks was one of just 20 selected from 1,900 for the BBC Writersroom scheme in 2012. The same year they won the 4 Scene Stealers competition with their sci-fi spin on a scene from This Is England. Their short film Old Habits, starring Ronald Pickup and David Warner, premiered at LA Shorts Fest ’14.

In addition to WME, the brothers are repped by in the UK.

Congratulations once again to David and Keith for being among the rapidly growing list of Launch Pad alums to land representation in just three years!

Find out more about the Lynch Brothers’ Launch Pad script or about our 2016 Launch Pad Competition!

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